Lighting Stewart Hall


The holidays can be a stressful time of year but at the UTVS studios a little jolly spirit has lightened the mood.  The UTVS Executive board has decked the halls of the Stewart building with lights and holiday decorations. Speaking with several people inside of UTVS including Piper Shaw a member of the UTVS Executive board as well as a checkout worker told us “It makes my work environment more festive.” A lighted Santa Clause is overlooking Studio 1 to give a holiday cheer feel to the anchors and camera operators. No word yet on when these decorations will be taken down however we can expect that choice to be made over winter break that begins Thursday, December 15 after finals week.


The music was pulled from the killer track website. Two different songs under the “christmas music category” Credits at the end of the video


0:01-0:05 The first shot was a rack focus of a christmas decoration, TITLE PAGE

0:05-0:06 Still shot of decorations

0:06-0:07 Still shot of new decorations

0:08-0:16 Mid shot on Piper shaw with lower third, LOWERTHIRD

0:17-0:19 Still shot of Piper B-roll

0:19-0:21 broll of piper working

0:22-0:24 pan of the UTVS Weather center

0:24-0:28 Slow push of the UTVS whether map

0:28-0:31 UTVS newsroom with worker b-roll

0:31-0:33 closeup of scarf

0:34-0:37 Mid shot on Sarah Paulus

0:38-0:44 slow pan right of UTVS studio, CRAWL TITLE


0:51-0:53 weather center still

0:53-0:55 Mid shot on piper

0:55-0:58 hand held of santa

0:58-1:02 hand held of santa rack focus

1:02-1:09 still shot on decorations

1:09-1:18 slow pan right of studio ROLL CREDIT


AC-90, wireless lav mic, 2SD CARDS, Premiere Pro,


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